A quality brand of spare parts for commercial vehicles.

Brand was developed according to the needs of the market and lead by a long-term experience in the field of spare parts for commercial vehicles.

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New items

W16308 - Brake caliper repair kit (R/S)

EAN code 4772139008627
Suitable for PAN22, MAXX22T
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B16019 - Brake caliper repair kit

EAN code 4772139008795
Suitable for TSB3709
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W16312 - Brake caliper repair kit

EAN code 4772139008788
Suitable for MAXX22T
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W16311 - Brake caliper repair kit (gasket)

EAN code 4772139008771
Suitable for PAN17, MAXX17
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W16310 - Caliper repair kit

EAN code 4772139008764
Suitable for MAXX17, MAXX22, MAXX22L, MAXXUS
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W16309 - Brake caliper repair kit

EAN code 4772139008757
Suitable for MAXX17, MAXX22, NG22MAXX, MAXXUS
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RO16118 - Brake caliper repair kit

EAN code 4772139008740
Suitable for Elsa 2
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K16086 - Brake caliper repair kit

EAN code 4772139008733
Suitable for SB5, SB6, SB7
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Our warranty covers all Roadwin products. More information about warranties for specific products, is available from Roadwin sales managers, or Roadwin distributors in your country.


By shortening the supply and communication chain between factory and end user, Roadwin offers competitive prices, and a quick response to technical changes, new products and sudden increases in the market.


Roadwin sales managers are always ready to support you with drawings, advertising materials or other necessary information. We treat your emergency as our priority and aim to despatch within 24 hours.


ROADWIN is a quality brand from Northern Europe, based on production and distribution of spare parts for commercial road vehicles, developed and supported by a major long-term investment in people and stock levels.

The parts are made in the factories selected with the high responsibility and manufactured on the same production lines as OE parts. Finally, all products pass AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) control.

The assortment of Roadwin spare parts is covering most important European trucks and trailers to meet the needs of the market, based on our customers’ and our own experience in commercial vehicles.

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